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White-collar crimes

White collar crimes can lead to fines, probation and prison time. Further, these allegations often receive significant media attention. As a result, the mere allegation of a white collar crime can cause immeasurable damage to a professional’s reputation. It is critical to have an attorney on your side that can prepare a proactive, tenacious defense to these allegations, both in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion. We are the Tampa federal white collar crimes lawyers of O’Brien Hatfield. We represent clients across Florida and nationally. White collar crimes can involve any number of charges, including:

– Mail and wire fraud
– Medicare fraud
– Securities fraud
– Money laundering
– Mortgage fraud

These allegations are typically brought at the federal level, although the state government can bring these charges as well. In either case, it is vital that you have experienced lawyers working on your defense. White collar crimes typically involve substantial documentation, both in electronic and paper form. Your white collar crime attorney must be able to both review and fully comprehend the information contained in these documents. In many cases, the documentation does not prove what the government claims it proves. Our law firm will delve deep into the evidence and find any weaknesses in the government’s case. We will then use these weaknesses to obtain a dismissal of the charges or other favorable outcomes.

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