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Criminal Law

Getting Cuffed Doesn’t Mean Your Hands Are Tied. Use Your Rights! Criminal defense encompasses hundreds of laws and infractions ranging from those which merely impose small fines to those that can lead to incarceration and even loss of your life through capital punishment. With so much at stake, it is foolish to face any criminal charges without the kind of competent and experienced legal counsel provided by seasoned attorney, Heath D. Harte.

Attorney Heath D. Harte offers defense for all types of cases. Those accused of a crime can easily be run over by a legal system that can seem overwhelming and complicated. Having personally handled hundreds of criminal cases, Heath D. Harte has the expertise and experience to successfully maneuver through the complex legal system. “Justice isn’t just given, you have to go out and get it”.

Heath D. Harte and his competent staff will personally handle your criminal case at every step, ensuring that you receive the best possible criminal defense. Don’t risk your future, freedom or possibly your life. When faced with criminal charges seek the legal experience and expertise of Heath D. Harte.

With hundreds of possible offenses, here are links to some of the most common:

Drug Offenses

Drug Trafficking/Sales

Prescription Fraud

Marijuana Possession

Search and Seizure

Alternative Sentencing

Cocaine Offenses

Heroin Offenses

Methamphetamine Offenses

Collateral Consequences – What’s at Stake?

Violent Crimes


Weapons Charges


DWI/DUI Defense

DWI/DUI First Offense

DWI/DUI Multiple Offenses

Ignition Interlocks

Being accused of a crime is perhaps one of the most degrading experiences in the world. The defendant (a.k.a. accused) may raise a defense in an effort to avoid criminal or civil responsibility. One of the most trying things is getting an effective and experienced attorney, and quickly. Finding a good attorney with years of experience representing clients in similar criminal defense cases can not only strengthen your case, but make you feel more at ease as well.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, contact the Law Offices of Heath D. Harte, LLC for a criminal law consultation. We will work to understand your situation and fight inside and out of the courtroom to see that you get all that you deserve.

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No results guaranteed. Each case based on its merits.