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The Law Offices of Heath D. Harte Offers up Tips and Information on Connecticut Criminal Pardon Process

Connecticut attorney Heath D. Harte issued a statement today informing the public regarding the criminal pardon process in the state. The statement came in the wake of a report that the CT Board of Pardons and Parole has been ordered to disclose records of those applying for pardons and parole.

According to a report from the Journal-Inquirer (State pardons panel ordered to disclose records on applicants, 1/31/2014), the Connecticut state Board of Pardons and Paroles was ordered by the CT Freedom of Information Commission to disclose significant parts of its files on several pardon applicants to a reporter who had requested them.
According to the report, the board rejected the State’s claim that state laws require that those records, and indeed all parole and pardon records remain confidential.

In the wake of this report, attorney Heath. D. Harte issued a statement clarifying the pardons process in the state of Connecticut.

“A pardon is one of the only ways that someone who has been convicted of a crime can effectively ‘clear their name’ after reentering society,” said Harte. “The two ways of doing this in Connecticut are the expungement pardon and the provisional pardon.”

The expungement pardon is a petition for clearing the entire criminal record of a given offender. A person cannot apply for expungement of one offense and not another. Eligibility is dependent upon certain stipulations; the most prominent being that 3 years have passed since the last misdemeanor conviction or 5 years since the last felony conviction. Included with the expungement application are three reference questionnaires to be completed by people who are familiar with the character of the applicant, a short essay on their reparation to society, and a certified police record of the applicant’s criminal history.

“The entire process, including the Pardons Hearing could take up to 12 months, so getting applications fully and quickly submitted is extremely important,” said Harte.
The provisional pardon is similar, but it does not erase an applicant’s entire criminal history. The provisional pardon is for employment purposes; it states that employers cannot refuse to hire someone based on their criminal record alone.

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