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Attorney Heath D. Harte Issues Statement on New Senate Bill 1160 passed in Connecticut and its effects on ordinary persons

New York and Connecticut Attorney Heath D Harte issued a statement on the new Senate Bill 1160 passed in Connecticut concerning gun violence prevention and children’s safety. The Daily Caller reported the new law has sever implications for ordinary persons who have never been at odds with the law.

(PRWEB April 7, 2014), Stamford, Connecticut

New York and Connecticut Attorney, Heath D. Harte, released a statement today commenting on the effects of the new [Senate Bill 1160 __title__ Senate Bill 1160] on gun owners.

Among other things, the recently signed bill bans the use of more than [100 firearms __title__ List of 100 banned firearms], newly classified “assault weapons.”

According to a recent article in [The Daily Caller __title__ ] (Confusion reigns as gun control law takes effect in Connecticut, 3/9/2014), the NRA is currently challenging several provisions of the law in a lawsuit backing a lawsuit. Including its expanded bans on semi-automatic firearms and its restrictions on magazine capacity. The article claims the NRA has not appeared as a named plaintiff in the suit to limit the public scrutiny and focus on their expertise and resources.

The article also states the bill has caused good jobs and business interests to flee the state of Connecticut who are unwilling to accept the punishment for the act of criminals. Tens of thousands of existing firearms and numerous magazines have not been registered as required per the new law. These are persons who have never used the firearms unlawfully, but could be held response for not following the gun bans.

“Connecticut residents that own a firearm should be aware of this new bill and its numerous changes to firearms, mental health and children’s safety,” said Health D. Harte. “The bill is an act concerning gun violence prevention and children’s safety. Unfortunately for law abiding firearm owners, the law has been passed and there are immediate implications that can result in felony charges.”

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