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Attorney Heath D. Harte Comments on Potential Pitfalls involved with “EZ Legal Forms”

Connecticut attorney Heath D. Harte released a statement today commenting on a recent report involving EZ legal forms and their potential pitfalls. According to reports, the nieces of a Florida woman were recently able to successfully petition for a piece of their deceased aunt’s estate due to some unenforceable provisions of the pre-printed will document.

Heath D. Harte, a Connecticut attorney with over twenty-five years of experience, released a statement today commenting on the potential pitfalls surrounding DIY estate planning and pre-printed legal documents.

According to a report from the [American Bar Association Journal] (Estate dispute caused by ‘E-Z Legal Form’ is a ‘cautionary tale,’ says justice, 4/3/2014), the nieces of a woman who used a pre-printed “EZ legal form” as her last will and testament were able successfully dispute their uncle’s claim that he should receive the entire estate, due to certain portions of the document that were either missing or unenforceable.

According to the report, the pre-printed document that the deceased woman used as her will lacked space for a residuary clause, which dictates what should be done with any income or possessions acquired after the will was drawn up. According to the report, because of this, the woman’s nieces successfully petitioned for a portion of her estate acquired after the will was written in 2004.

“There is no doubt that this story should be viewed as a cautionary tale,” said Heath D. Harte. “While estate planning can be somewhat unpleasant, it should not be taken lightly or rushed. While so-called ‘EZ’ legal forms may be expedient, they are not thorough in any sense of the term. Anyone looking to plan their estate would be well served by consulting a licensed attorney who specializes in estate planning.”

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