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“Friending” and the Law

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace continue to grow. These sites have tools to maintain privacy. But is any online content truly private? On Facebook, one permits access to information through a process called “friending.” It is important that your clients “friend” only people they know. What is to stop a lawyer from “friending” an opposing party to gather information? Ethics? Anyone who indiscriminately accepts “friends” may open the door to a dangerous loss of privacy. Smart lawyers make use of Google and other search tools for many reasons. If a litigant has posted anything relevant to the litigation, it may be admissible as evidence. Further, your client’s online content will allow the op- posing attorney into their world. This may provide insight into the client’s personality that can work against them. You should never post anything on the Internet that could some day be embarrassing. Smart employers Google prospective employees. If they find inappropriate photos or words in connection with your name, you are unlikely to receive a job offer. All parents should teach their children that what goes online never really goes away.

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